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Anvaya, Private Sanctuary – New Delhi

The design at Anvaya is to ensure you have complete exclusivity. With gardens, a pool and a glass pavilion overlooking the Asola greens and private butlers over acres of spectacular space, we ensure privacy and exclusivity.


The chic and atmospheric, design residency has 06 well-appointed guest rooms.

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Anvaya 11-5-23-081.jpg
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Anvaya 11-5-23-399.jpg
Anvaya 11-5-23-147.jpg
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Anvaya Residency

The Anvaya residency has 06 hand-crafted high design rooms that reflect nature and celebrate light and space.  The rooms are designed for guests to enjoy a private experience, take in elements of design and embrace minimal living spaces, devoid of clutter, where hours fade into days and lives lived in traffic and deadlines seem to slip away.

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